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July 2020

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Click here for information on family supports, therapists available in each school, and staff supports. Staff supports include information on supports available, staff links, and the elementary and secondary referral process.

Mental Health Updates

We are still taking new referrals to help students get set up with therapy in an agency setting or via telehealth!

Here is the link to the SBMH updates on the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District COVID-19 Important information page. It contains updates and resources. It also includes information on telehealth.

Here are some things you can count on for this school year:

1) We will have School Based Mental Health available with both in-person (when possible) and telehealth options (View for an up to date list of agencies and therapists)

2) We will have virtual small group co-facilitated options available so that you can have some or all of your students participate virtually, making it easier to continue groups regardless of in-person blended or virtual school (In-person co-facilitated small groups are still an option, the virtual co-facilitated small groups are new)

3) If a student is at home and does not have internet for SBMH or is in a co-facilitated small group, etc., we can purchase a hot spot with grant funds for that family to use

4) There is a large list of virtual staff PD around self-care and mental health available at any time during this school year

Aware Data for Year 1

Here is a link to view the AWARE data for grant cycle year 1 that includes information on professional development, partnerships made, policy development, and referral access. In year 1 of the grant, 312 students were referred for mental health services. Of those students, 190 were able to access mental health supports. 59 students declined services, 1 student moved out of the district, and we are currently working with the other 61 families to help set them up with services.

Get to know our new Telehealth agencies that we are partnering with!

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Support Available

Real-Living Counselors are available 24/7 via the

Student and Family Assistance Program phone line. The phone number is 855.838.7170

It can be used for emotional support through the entirety of this school closure situation.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or distressed over COVID-19,

you can call a distress line at 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746.

If you have additional questions about mental health resources in the

Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District, please see