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Felting local wool

Annalies van Eerde is a Dutch feltmaker who started her own company at 2008. She uses the fibres of our own natural authentique Dutch Heath-sheep or for example the "Texelaar" from the Dutch Islands.

She sources the fleece from shepherds which she receive raw right after shearing.

A big attraction of Dutch wool is that it is entirely renewable. The technique or "recipes" to make them are drawn from Mongolian felt traditions. She transformates the fibers into a sustainable timelessly ecological & natural Home Decor product Eco Felts.

Annalies likes to share her Arts & Crafts to others.

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Workshops Fleece felting & Woolpainting on Demand !

Sunday, July 9th, 11pm

This is an online event.

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Fleece Felting - make your own rug

Learn how to make an organic fleece rug - straight off the sheep- with step-by-step instructions.You don’t have to kill an animal for this attractive faux sheepskin rug.

You will learn the beautiful technique of felting a shorn-off fleece. The results are always amazing! Fleece felting is a very tactile experience and beginner friendly! The workshop starts by chosing your own fleece from our collection. There are various fleeces to choose from; Drenth Heath, Zwart Bles, Ouessant, Gotland.

During a process of warm water and soap you're washing and felting the fleece at the same time. Not much soap and water is needed! The felt will get clean after rinsing in our machine. This fun-felting technique makes the most of longwool fleece to create felt which retains the longwool’s characteristic luster and curl.

Wool Painting - Design your own plaid

you'll design your own composition; it's like painting and drawing with several beautiful and natural washed woolfibers, and yarns by using banana silk and soya. Annalies will guide you through the proces. Suprise yourself! Advanced felters are very welcome. Come and join in!


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Fleece Felting

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Workshops 2017


Time : 11.00- 17.00

Costs: €110,- lunch including basic materials, wool, lunch and refreshments.
Time: 11.00 - 16.00
Costs: €125,- - all included, also silk.

To join in: send your mail or request to

Fleece Felting

Compose and modeling your own carpet with different wool fibers. Those woolfibers have different properties concerning possibiblities of felting, like colour, length and curls. Nice to play with and combine.

wool painting

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Felting with special fibers, natural painted