Must Stop

Did You Know?

Statistics show bullying & harassment is becoming a huge problem. Bullying is strongly linked to suicide, which in fact bullying is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world. Bullying can lead to a large amount of problems later in the future. For the bully more often than not cases of abusive partners are filed. For the victim a strong chance of suicide, suicidal thoughts, depression and even closure from loved ones can be an outcome.

Types of Bullying

Physical, verbal, cyber bulling, sexual, prejudicial

Stories From Victems

Stand Up


280,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month

160,000 students miss school each day in fear of being bullied

77% of students are bullied mentally verbally, and physically

43% fear harassment in school bathrooms


Bullying is often a warning sign that both children and teens are heading for trouble and are at risk of violence. Teens (Most often boys) who bully are more likely to engage on other antisocial/delinquent behaviors. such as shop lifting, vandalism, truancy, and drug use. They are 4x's more likely than non verbal bullies to be convicted of crimes by the age of 24, with 60% of bullies having at least 1 criminal conviction.