Scipio Africanus

Born: 236 B.C.


Scipio Africanus was born in Rome, Italy. He was a member of a patrician roman family. His father was on the roman council, and was killed in the Second Punic War. Scipio became a military general in 202 B.C. He died circa 183 B.C.

The Second Punic War

Scipio Takes Command

In 219 B.C. Hannibal started the Second Punic War. He attacked Saguntum, Spain. Scipio was then given command of of the troops in Spain. In 208 B.C. Scipio defeated Hannibal's brother, Hasdrubal. After that Scipio defeated the remaining Carthaginians and he took over Spain.

Scipio VS Hannibal

In 202 B.C. Scipio and Hannibal faces each other in the battle of Zama. The trumpets of the roman troops scared the elephants of the Carthaginians. The elephants turned around and trampled a lot of Carthaginian troops. The Carthaginians surrendered. This ended the Second Punic War.

The Return

When Scipio returned from war in 201 B.C. he was recognized as a hero and got the title, "Africanus". He was elected for council in 196 B.C. He later died in Patria, Italy in 183 B.C. at the age of 53.

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