Teotihuacan Mexico

Oldest Archaeologist Site in Mesoamerica


Teotihuacan is an large city in ruins. It was thought to of built by the Toltecs. At one point, the entire grid covered eleven square kilometers. The population was thought to of been 150k to 225k people. They were an advanced civilization who the Mayan saw as conquerors The Avenue of the Dead is the main street containing the Pyramid of the Sun and Temple of the Moon. The Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest pyramid in the world.

Where Is Teoticuacan

Teotihuacan Mexico is located in the center of the Valley of Teotihuacan. It is in the middle vertically in Mexico on a plateau more than 2000 meters high. From a modern standpoint, it is Northeast from Mexico City.

Who Considers This Sacred?

Teotihuacan was only really sacred to the Aztecs. They considered the layout, the pyramids, and the houses sacred. Today it is considered a sacred site, but since the Aztecs are pretty much gone, there are no real sacred ceremonies. This concludes that the site is no longer sacred to a specific group.



Teotihuacan was the most important pre-Aztec city. It was settled in 400 B.C. and its main growth was in 100 B.C. Why was there growth? Well, another city was smothered in ash and molten rock from a recent volcano eruption and sent Cuicuilco refugees to Teotihuacan.

In 750 A.D. it burned hard. There was a attempt to destroy the city. It burned hard, and it was no more. There are many possible reasons for this destruction. One of these could of been an uprising within the city. Another could of been the breakout of a civil war. No matter how it was destroyed, the city burned, and it tragic.

Why is Teotihuacan Sacred

There are many reasons why Teotihuacan is considered sacred. First, the entire landscape is structured to be sacred with buildings looking like foothills. There are 600 pyramids in total. Each street is designed to be sacred. They actually called it "The City of the Gods" and sometimes "Where Men Become Gods".

Probably the most iconic sacred part of this site is the Pyramid of the sun. This was purposely built on top of a Natural Cave system with four chambers of Sacred Caves. They thought the caves were gateways to the spiritual world. What we have found here are remains of offerings to the gods. This leads us to believe rituals were performed in these caves.