May the Force be with Two!

May Newsletter 2016

April... look what we learned!

Simple Machines...

Our complex machines are in the works! We will begin filming the Dragon's Den iMovies this week. To get an idea of what we are doing, check out the following link- Hope Blooms.

OREO Writing

We have been writing a lot during our OREO writing unit. Scroll over the OREO Writing Song Link below, the kiddos love this song! The students wrote about "why Mme Lawrence should give us Oreo cookies" and as seen in Seesaw, "why everything is better with a beard".

Inquiry Focus: Animals in our world

Animals in our world will draw on children's innate curiosity about the natural world and extend their understanding of the needs and characteristics of living things into the animal world. The first cluster focuses on the characteristics of animals, such as similarities/differences, their needs for survival, their habitats, and their life cycles. The second cluster focuses on how animals are important to people, and how people have a role in protecting animals and the environments in which they live.

Numeracy Focus in Guided Math

  • introduce the concepts of standard & nonstandard measurement
  • estimate and measure length to the nearest centimeter/meter
  • use a centimeter ruler to draw lines of different lengths
  • use a number line to solve word problems
  • understand that rulers have equally spaced lines just like a number line
  • measurement video
  • describe probability as a measure of the likelihood that an event will occur
  • learn the mathematical language such as impossible, unlikely, likely, certain etc...
  • experimenting with the spinner to see if the results are what you expected
  • spinner video


Highly engaging, students love learning with Mathletics! Our Parent Council has purchased a subscription to Mathletics for the remainder of the school year. Please stay tuned for handout and instructions for home access. There will be a demonstration at Math Night with Mr. Jones.

Important Dates

Tuesday May 3: Math Night 5:30-7:30

Friday May 6: Trip to Algonquin Park

Monday May 9: David Bouchard Presentation & Usborne Book Fair

Wednesday May 11: Grandfriend's Day

Monday/Tuesday 16 & 17: Dental Screening

Monday May 23: Victoria Day/No School

Year End Trip Revealed!!! Thursday June 23: The Toronto Zoo Stay tuned for more info.