President Needed!

By Mason Liles

Desperate Search for a new President!

We are in desperate need of a new President. For everyone who is interested please read the rest of this article!


In order to become President, you must follow these requirements:

Must be 35 years of age.

Must have lived in the US for 14 years.

Must have been born in the US or in US territory.

Must be of good moral character.

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Presidential job details:

As the President of the United States, you are going to be given a number of tasks to accomplish. You are expected to do a number of things in order to represent our country well. Your jobs are as follows:

Head of State:

You will represent America on special occasions and ceremonies.
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Chief Executive:

You will be in charge of the 15 cabinet department

Chief Diplomat:

You will direct foreign policy. You will make key decisions with foreign countries.
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You will be in charge of sending troops to foreign countries.
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Legislative Leader:

You will be in charge of vetoing or passing bills.
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Economic Leader:

You will deal with economic issues, such as unemployment rates, inflation, and or high taxes.

Party Leader:

You are the leader of your political party. Therefore, you must appoint chairpersons.


You will be receiving a salary of $400,000 a year. You will be getting a presidential limo, as well as a jet. On top of this you will have an abundance of cars. You will have security with you at all times. You automatically receive a vacation home named camp David. You may come here on special occasions such as Christmas.