Introducing Playground buddies to The Meadows

The idea of playground buddies is to give some of the older children a sense of responsibility and to involve them in helping to resolve problems, and prevent such problems occurring in the first place. This is a responsibility we would like children in Year 4,5,& 6 to be able to have - if they would like it!

What do they do?

The buddies will be on duty on a rota system at lunch time. They will do any or all of the following:

organise games, play with children who are lonely, help to keep an eye on younger children, support children who have fallen out with their friends or are simply feeling sad, look out for bullying behaviour and alert adults, help children who have low-level conflicts to sort them out, be a friendly person that other children can go to for help if they need it.

If your child would like to be considered then they need to write a letter to Sam stating why they feel they would be a good buddie!

There will be a box on Jo's desk for the application letters, and they have until Friday 24th to apply.

What happens then?

The children who have applied will then go through a training programme. This will take place at lunch time with possibly one session being afterschool towards the end. This will take 5/6 weeks - with 2 sessions a week. Please do not let the training put your child off - encourage them that it is a short time and that they will really benefit from all the different topics we will be covering. The sessions include Ground Rules, Teambuilding, Organising Games, Understanding feelings, Listening skills, Developing empathy, Confidence, Problem Solving, Dealing with Bullying.

Please support your child with their application if they would like to do it ...

Many of the skills that children need to develop to be effective playground buddies are building on basic social and emotional skills. We feel it will really encourage the older children to be committed to working and playing with other children - creating a good positive playground environment. If your child is not in these year groups then they can choose to send a letter or a drawing nominating one of the older children who they think would be good! (like a reference!) - so please encourage that too. Thanks!