What Has the Church Become?

By: Brandon Pitts

Brandon Pitts

Is it right for the Church to make you pay for something that has already been given to you? Your salvation was given to you by Jesus years ago for free. It is not something bought but something that you receive with the faith of God. As long as you has your faith then you have your salvation.

While the people become poorer the Church just becomes richer and offers no help. Is that the kind of people that you want to follow? It is easy to steal from the weak and that is exactly what your Church is doing. Even worse is that they just keep it to themselves. They no longer obey the Bible but the greed of money.

The Pope also has become hungry for power instead of worship and scripture. Instead of spending time worshiping God and studying scripture he has busied himself by controlling kings and land. He no longer rules as a religious leader but as a dictator. This is not what the Church is supposed to be and thus should not be followed.

Even the Church Can Succumb to Sin

Brandon Pitts

The saying, "Greed is the root of all evil," is very true even in the Church's case. The Church has slowly drifted away from its true purpose and into a time of evil. The Church no longer has any interest in your salvation but your money. Money is not the way into heaven but faith is.

The focus of your priests and pope has become so tainted that money and power has become the center of it. Look at every thing that the Vatican has and realize that all of that is from your pocket being taken from our dinner table. What happened to getting into heaven through faith and belief in God? Although the Church has become corrupt, you aren't so leave them and become purer.