Lighting Assignment

Five Minute Clip Evaluation of Lighting

For Homework

Find a film sequence at home that has interesting color or lighting. Choose a short clip (5:00 or less) to show to the class. Explain why you find this lighting sequence interesting and what you think it adds tot he story, characters, mood, etc.

Things to Include in Your Talk:

  1. What kind of light is being used? (natural, artificial, mixed.) What is the key color? How does it affect the sequence?
  2. How does the color set the mood?
  3. How are characters presented in the lighting? What does it say about them?
  4. What does the color say about the story and location?

Writing Assignment

Write a two page, double spaced paper in MLA format in Courier New (12 pt) on the questions above. Present the clip and be prepared to talk to the class about your paper.

Due Date

A Day: THURSDAY, February 21
B Day: FRIDAY, February 22