The Steam Boat

By Sergio


A man named Robert Fulton hated the speed of the row boat.But it was the only way to get around in water. So Robert Fulton made the steamboat. It was an exitment for the future.

Why Fulton make the steam boat

Robert Fulton made the steamboat because when he was a kid he was in to boats. He also wanted to make boat a lot better than they were. He also wanted to draw the boats as he built.

Why the steamboat only went five miles purr hour

The steam boat only went five miles because of how heavy the boat was. it also counted on the cerant.

How old Robert was when he died and when he made the steamboat

Robert was 36 when he made the steamboat and the the middle of his invention he died. Fulton died when he 49 he died of lung sikness

How Fulton made the steamboat

Robert Fulton made the steamboat by using others ideas.He only used the good ideas. And he went to another contury to get help from another inventor.

Were the steamboat travled to

The steamboat went up the hudson river to New Jersy. It also traveld to New York. careying people and cargo.


The steamboat was the best thing that hapend in that time.Now people don't care for the steam boat. because we have better transport. Robert Fulton's steamboat had a good impact on the u.s.a.
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The steamboat

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