The Constitution

By: Amanda Weber

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation fell because congress couldn't end disagreements about boundaries and taxes. The articles of confederation had money problems. They called for a convention to revise the articles of confederation. The outcome was they made the Constitution of the United States. I'm happy with the outcome because I feel like the Constitution is better for protecting our rights.

The Different Branches of Goverenment

There are 3 branches of Government, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. The Legistlative Branch makes laws, The Executive Branch carries out the laws, and The Judicial Branch interprets the laws. Checks and balances were developed to make sure one branch wouldnt have too much power.

Bill of Rights

The amendments I feel are most important are the first because I feel like everyone should have freedom or religion, speech, press, to assemble, and to petition without anyone telling you want to do.

Also I think The right to bare arms is important in case something happens and you need to defend yourself.

And I think Legal Rights are important because I think if people are accused of something they should be allowed to see a jury.

Then Bail and Punishments I think are important because no one should have cruel punishments or excessive bail.

Making Changes to the Government

New amendments can be added to the Constitution with approval of 2/3 vote in each house of congress and 3/4 vote by the states.

Also, states have power to make and carry out their own laws.