Vanshing Water?

Americans are wasting water everyday, how will you help?

Tips to save water!

1.Keep water in pools and don't keep emptying them out and use the water over and over again.

2.Take 5 minute showers so it can save about 5 gallons of water a week!

3.When done washing the pet don't throw the water down the drain, use it to water the plants or something.

4.Take showers instead of baths so you can save more water and reuse that water for something else.

5.While watering the plants or watering something else, turn off the water and don't let the water run forever.

Water usage

Just one American will use 80-100 gallons a day! For even washing your clothes it uses 40 gallons per load. To even flush your toilet once is equivalent to 3 gallons! In California we use around 20% of the water for an average day! Us Americans use quite a bit of water and we need to find a way to conserve it and save it!

Water distribution

When you see the image of the Earth you can see that almost 70% of water is covered of it's surface. This is because all of the blue that you see in the ocean is about 97% of water on Earth. That water is too salty that we couldn't drink like freshwater that we usually drinks. Freshwater is only about 3% that is on Earth.

The useable water comes from Ocean or River. Household water is from ex: Groundwater Sources: (an underground reservoirs that called an aquifer, or springs.) Surface water Sources: (like rivers, lakes or reservoirs.)

The freshwater source of almost all freshwater is precipitation from the atmosphere, in the form of mist, snow, or rain.
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