College and More Night!

For SEG Parents/Guardians AND Students!

Informational Sessions will include:

Financial Planning for College (w/ Guest Speakers from Ladder Up)

Q & A Panel Discussion with current College Students

EXPLORE and ACT: What are these and why are they important for College Admissions?

College Planning 101: What does my student need to do right now to prepare for college?

College Culture and Goode STEM Academy

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent Portal Tutorial

...and much MORE!

College Information Night and Resource Fair

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 at 5-7:15pm

7651 S Homan Ave

Chicago, IL


5-6 pm - Community Resource Fair in the Cafeteria (Stop by as you arrive for the evening!)

5:00-5:30 - Session 1**

5:35-6:05 - Session 2

6:10-6:40 - Session 3

6:45-7:15 - Session 4

**Informational sessions will be repeated during the evening, with a choice of four sessions for each time slot. This will give you the option to choose to attend the sessions that address your individual needs. Session schedules will be available upon arrival to Parent/Guardian/Student Night.