"A Canada for All"

Cultural Impact on Canada's Labour Force


Equality in the workplace is a major concern for a country like Canada. It puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that work environments are free of racism or any prejudice. This means aboriginals, women, and individuals with dissabilities are all under an equal representation. These equality standards include equal pay and the prevention of age-related wages to workers. Hence, it is a much more supportive environment for the employee. This type of thinking by the Canadian governments is surely influenced by a the Canadian culture. This proves that the culture is a welcoming and race acceptable one.

Employement Standards

Employement standards has a long history with negotiating with government officials, business leaders and unions.The reason for negotiations is to achieve rights for workers in western societies. For example, this includes ensuring safe environment for workers, proactive relationships between the manager and the employee, and a place where no one is discriminated against.  The canadian culture in itself is concerned for workers' rights and their safety. Hence, this is seen in various Canadians laws and guidelines.

Worker Safety

Canada puts its utmost effort in ensuring that workers receive orientations prior to any job. Every employee is taught that there is always a maximum their manager can make them do.This shows that the Canadian culture has influenced the laws and hence promoted an important safety measures Act.