By: Dillon Little, Parker Steach, And Noah Kozakis

Mission: To help the victims of the Philippines Super Typhoon.

About Us: Team Members, Info and Responsibilities

Pilot - Parker - Likes to help people; flies the plane to Tacloban City

Navigator - Dillon - Likes stuff to be done right; plans the flight path

Load Master - Noah - Thinks everybody else is clueless; keeps things organized; determines what should be brought

Medical Officer - All - determines what medical supplies are need

Mission Goal and Objective

Our mission goal is to deliver all our relief supplies to Tacloban City safely and in tact.

Our mission objective is to help the people of Tacloban City so that they can begin healing and recovering.

Volume and Weight of Cargo

Total Volume - 2,152 square feet

Total Weight - 23,855 pounds

Total Flight Time - 31 Hours and 49 Mins

Our goal was accomplished.

Pallet 2 and Pallet 4

Supplies that directly addressed our goal

Water, food, portable hospital, medical supplies, blankets, and clothing


We first thought that this was going to be an easy project but we learned that it is hard to estimate how much your supplies are going to weigh and how much space they will take up. It was also hard to to decided what supplies that to take.


The strategy that worked the most was that we decided to pack as much of the same thing together as we could so we would know where it is. Also it is easier to tell how much of each thing we had.


We finally arrived in Tacloban City, Philippines and successfully dropped all of our cargo. This experience has definitely helped us grow as a team and in planning and finding our priorities. Overall, this experience has definitely made us stronger and more compassionate.

Chronological Order of Business

First we had to research what medical supplies were needed for their diseases and then we had to get funding. We received funding for 93% of our supplies which allowed us to deliver most everything we planned. We then had to learn how to fly our plane and had to plan the flight route. After that, we had to load everything on the plane and fly to the Philippines. We then dropped our supplies off and came back home from a successful mission.


Here are some tips of what to and what not to do:

1) Make sure that you have your measurements and calculations correct.

2) Do not mix up the weights and parts of your supplies because that will mess everything up.


Our goal was to plan, organize, calculate and deliver much needed relief supplies to the people of Tacloban City after a super typhoon struck the Philippines on October 31,2014. We wanted to help them begin to recover and heal from this terrible disaster. We completely and successfully delivered those supplies via airdrop.