The banglisash war.

The causes of the banglidash war of1971

In the beggining

Bangladash was started when the British had left india in two countries, pakastan & india in 1947. Bangladash was part of east pakastan but pakastan was very diffrent in language and culture. The people of bangladash found that they were so culturely different that they could not flourish. the only way the people of banglidash could express themselves was through their language bangla. West pakastan did not approve and this became the main point of the struggle.

The decloration

Military leader of pakastan refused to allow awami leage to create a government. A conspiracy was thaught of by the military dictator Yahya Khan along with Zulfi Karali Bhutto. On Febuary thirteenth, they declared March third a national assembly in Dhaka. Major general Zulfi Karali announced the decloration of independence from a radio station. the people of Bangladash were getting ready to separate when, a big non cooporation movement with the military government began on march 26th 1971/ today known as the independence day for bangledash, the military started attacking innocent citicens of the new bangledash.People of Dhaka city never met such unimaginable cruelty. They Killed more than 35,000 people and unleashed a harsh war to prevent their independence.
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War, stratagies, and death counts.

On December 16th 1971 the pakastan military surrendered, and Bangladesh was its own country. Over 3million Bangladesh citacins died, and 10 million found refuge in india. The war lasted for nine months. Famlies went long periods of time without seeing each other. The war was started when pakastan killed innocent people on march 26th 1971.The war progressed into a guerrilla warfare when Bangladesh decided to fight back. Their dream of freedom was too great for it to loose. /Information from


The people of Bangladesh have their own story to tell the rest of the world. Mukti Bahini remembers her mother telling her,

'' When she has her own family, she should send the men of the house to look for the bodies of loved ones who have gone missing, being despossed of by pakastani soldiers''. She felt like she could do anything, even though pakastan was causing all the pain. What her mother didn't tell her is that piles of rape victms were stacked under bridges. Rape was a weapon used commonly to scare Bangladesh citacens. About 200,400,000 women were estimated to have ben victmes of this horror. Women were often killed by their husbands, murdered by soldiers, even committed suicide. Some women were so scared to return home,they went home with the soldiers in pakastan.