Ode To Physical Big Brown Prankster

A combination of all of my poems i did this year!!

Ode To Physical Big Brown Prankster

Ode To Prankster

Risking your life
Asking for a fight
Making millions
Being followed by billions

Getting Stitches
Just for riches
Punched in the face
Being sprayed by mace

Being kicked
Running away quick
known across the country
for being a junky

Physical Education (P.E.)

From running to jumping
To huffing and puffing
To shooting hoops
To jumping through loops

Thinking you cant make it
to seeing you aced it
taking a test
hoping to rest

From running the mile
to walking the tile
from eating healthy
to being stealthy


Life is like football
dangerous from hitting
and taunting
and spitting

From American grievance
to relentless defense
from converting a first down
to walking downtown

"Tree Poem"

I see darkish green grass
I hear beautiful blue birds chirping
I smell the bark of an 8 foot tree
I taste the wind going 70 mph
I feel the hard brown pine cones

Big Brown 2008-2011

Big light brown S.U.V
High quality radio
a leather seat to relax
and a trunk to sleep

A wide hood to eat
an a.c. when in need
then a broke down engine
sold in a breeze

Old Big Brown the best
but eventually we had to invest
she was a great dream
now she is in a new scene