Hallman Updates

May Edition

Important Dates

May 5th: Progress Reports go home

May 6th: No School

May 19th: Patterson Farm Field Trip (Please wear tennis shoes/sunscreen today.)

May 27th: Final Scholastic Book Order Due today

May 30th: No School

June 1st: Walking Field Trip to the public library and Liberty Park (Please wear tennis shoes/sunscreen today.)

June 3rd: 2nd Grade Cookout (Please wear tennis shoes/sunscreen today.)

June 6th: Fun Day (Bring a board game to share during our indoor time. Please wear tennis shoes/sunscreen for the outside time.)

June 8th: Last Day of School-Early Dismissal

Science Festival Pictures


A new (Yellow) reading calendar has been sent home. Please follow the directions on the calendar and initial at least 5 nights each week your child has read for at least 20 minutes. The calendar needs to stay in the back pocket of the red folder, so I can check it each week.

Also, the math game sent home each week needs to be played with an older sibling, parent/guardian, after school care giver, or some other adult who can make sure the game is played correctly and the answers are correct. Every Friday your child will be given a quiz over the concept to see if understanding is demonstrated.

The reading passage/question sets needs to be answered correctly using the colors indicated when finding the text evidence. The written response needs to be answered using a poof/proof sentence starter.


We will continue our monthly themed study to include Sharks, Fireflies, Animals, and alternative versions of the 3 Little Wigs. Each week we focus on grammar, research on a paired nonfiction article, and text evidence to explain our thinking.

The testing window will be opening later this week for the final TRC assessment. Mrs. VonCanon will be administering the assessment and I will be with another 2nd grade class doing the same thing. Please remind your child to do the following: use the book to find text evidence for the answer, answer all parts of the question, and double check work to see if the answer makes sense. The end of year expectation is a level M. I sent home examples of the questions your child will see with the report card.


In Math we will finish our brief study on arrays and transition to a quick overview of partitioning shapes. Finally, we will be reviewing concepts learned to prepare for the final summative math assessment given by the district. You can help your child by reviewing the math journal, playing the math homework game each week, and simply asking your child to "teach" you how to a particular math concept.