the palace of Auburn hills

Home of the Detroit pistons


The palace is a basketball arena and the home of the Detroit Pistons. It also is the site of many college basketball games, and many other things mostly concerts. The pistons Have won 3 of there 3 championships 1st in 1988, 2nd in 1989, the 3rd in 2004. with the palace as there home there first arena was called Cobo arena during the year s of struggle and rebuilding.

how it feels

At my first Pistons game when I was 6 years old I was shocked about how loud it was. So after it quieted down the flames went off and it got even louder in the place. Then they introduce the players that are basically the best on the team. Lastly when a big time player scores a 3 pointer or dunks on somebody the announcer announces there nickname or there name in a cool way, For Greg Monroe it was Greg "The Moose" MONROE.

Famous players

popularity-best year or years of best players Here they are. 1. Isaiah Thomas 1989-1990 won championships both years. 2. Chauncey Billups 2004 won championship. 3. Ben Wallace 2004 won championship. 4. Richard Hamilton 2004 won championship. 5. Rasheed Wallace 2004 won championship. 6. Tayshawn Prince 2004 won championship. 7. Joe Dumars 1989-1990 Those are the top 7 pistons that ever played in the palace.
Musco Lighting - The Palace of Auburn Hills


The palace has multiple food at the rear of the arena there is a restaurant below the court called the palace grille. also up above the court in the suite there is another restaurant but I forgot the name of. Lastly there is a wide selection of vendors and concessions around the arena.
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