What is Intelligence?

Melissa, and Karla

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Intelligence test

They use intelligence tests to measure the children's thinking skills. Alfred Binet was the one who first developed this test and Lewis M. Terman helped to improve this test. The outcome of this test is the Intelligence Quotients referred to as IQ. The average of a child IQ is 80 and 119. An intelligence test includes building a tower of blocks, identifying parts of they body. Two people with the same IQ may have very different abilities. Tests measure different abilities. They must use this test with caution. These tests have also been criticized for cultural bias. In addition language differences can also effect test results. Their goal is for all children to be assessed fairly.

Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence's are abilities in problem solving. Eight intelligence's are Linguistic- involve sensitivity, and learning languages, Logical mathematical- consist to analyze problems using logic, spacial- understanding potential using space and think in 3-D terms, Musical- skill at performing and appreciating musical patterns, Bodily kinesthetic- to solve problems and use the mind, interpersonal- to understand intentions, Interpersonal- having a good working model, Natralist- drawing feature upon the environment. If a care giver see's that the child is good at one thing they can help them with another that my be harder for them.
Teaching Emotional Intelligence Skills to Children