Children's abuse counselor

What do they do?

Child abuse counseling is a very special field of counseling it focuses on treating children that have suffered with their family or loved ones. It can be possibe for a counselor to be an abuse victim their selves or even witnessed it through a family member.


An child abuse counselor must be friendly, approachable, and non-judgmental. They use different techniques for the child to open up and be comfortable with her. When working with the patients they tend to tell them that the problem is not their fault.
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How do you become one?

When becoming a child abuse counselor you will need to go through a large amount of schooling.

-bachelors degree


-phd program



Similar occupations

- child/pediatric counselor

-depresssion counselor


This job will continue to grow because everyday children are abused. More and more children will need help. And more will want to become counselors to help others.