For Library Science/Aide Students!

Accessing the Correct Screen

Begin on the Media Catalog webpage and click the "Library View" option on the drop down menu. Next, click the "Circulation" tab and double check that you are on the "Check Out" Option.

Greeting the Student

Once you receive the book from the student (don't forget to say good morning!), politely ask for them to type in their number. Double check the school picture to ensure the student is checking out under THEIR account.


Pick up the scanner and hold it a few inches from the barcode (located on the back of the book) until you hear a beeping noise. This indicates that you have completed the scanning process. The book will appear underneath the "Checked Out" section on the students library page.
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To finalize checkout, you need to stamp the inside cover of the book with the date it is due. Inside the cover should be a strip of white adhesive (a sticker) in which the date should belong. If there isn't space on the previous white strip, or there isn't one at all, you can locate a new one underneath the circulation desk.
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DOn't forget!

Do not forget to swipe the spine of the book across the desensitizer (silver metal plate) located next to the main computer. It is ESSENTIAL you do this so you do not set off the alarm system!
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