Poverty around the world-and how you can help

What it does around the globe

More the. 21,000 people die each day due to poverty. All due to easy cure able illnesses or the lack of basic needs. But that's only the amount that die, for hunger in poverty 805 million people suffer from hunger. The majority of them being women and children!

Why should you help?

Its important to help and offer assistance to those who need basic necessities. The world has more than enough food to feed everyone, but not everyone has the funds to procure supplies. If you help, it would be vital in giving them access to easier supplies.

Help those in need!

In, or around your community there is most likely a shelter for those who do not have shelter and cannot afford one. You can visit there and volunteer to help families like those, and see how poverty is affecting the way that they live their lives. There are also an abundance of organizations helping people in poverty and you can sign up to assist with getting donations, building shelters, distributing food, and much more.

You can save many- With only a few hours of your time