I'm More Than

A Free Verse Poem by Laura Weidemann

I'm More Than...

that awkward friend who can’t

say the words needed.

I’m more than my struggles.

I’m more than how I look,

how I dress!

I’m more than a shadow in the hallway;

a name on a sheet of dozens.

I’m more than the girl who can’t explain

what’s going on.

I’m way more than the girl who doesn’t speak!

I’m the one who would approach

the person who looked lonely,

the one who’s not afraid

to give it all on a blank paper.

I’m the escape artist,

not wanting to start conflict or drama.

I want to be me;

the one with all the flaws.

This girl is hard working,

open minded, and ready for the future.

This lady is learned enough

to know when to stop,

This woman is the next leader,

the next engineer, and the next scientist.

I’m striving to make myself better

and using the world as my teacher.

I’m proud of who I am

and you should be too.

Realize all that you have

and all that’s possible.

I want a meaningful life.

I want to work for something I care about.

I want my life's work to be driven

by passion, not money.

Passion for friends,

passion for play, passion for the world.

Arts will be my greatest achievement;

Learning my assignment; corporation my opponent.

When someone asks me about my day,

I want to say "Great, no being(human or animal) was hurt by my ignorance"

On a brighter note

"Amazing, the world is my destination and I'm on my way"

I want to talk to people about feelings,

questions never answered, and how the world is thriving and dying.

There's a sense in me

that doesn't know how to start, but another that knows,

I'm already on my way.

When will I get there.

My unnerving dream.

How will I get there

with where I am?

I realize I'm doing my best

and can do better and work harder too.

There is no perfect life,

or way of living, or of interacting,

I know.

I know I won't get there

and I don't want people thinking I am.

Cause I'm not.

You know,


But I'm working to be

an example for what I care about.

And I guess that's all I really wanted. Thank you.

Thank You for Reading