Night of the Twisters

ivy ruckman



The characters are Stacy, Dan, Arthur and mom!

Problem and Solution

They did not know how they were going to get Mrs. Smiley out of the basement.

They found her sleeping and they pushed the sofa against the wall and then Mrs. Smiley took steps and got up.

Dan didn't know if his Dad was alive. They listened to the radio to find out what happened in Phillips. Dad came back to town and found Dan.


In the beginning of the story, it was summertime in June. There was a boy named Dan and his friend Arthur. Dan had a brother named Ryan. The problem was that the sky turned green and the wind was getting really strong. A tornado came down and destroyed Grand Island, Nebraska. Dan and Arthur went to Mrs. Smiley's house to look for Dan's parents. They saved Mrs. Smiley. The boys spend the night in jail so they would be out of the storm. The next day it was early morning the tornado was gone. Dan found his parents and they built a new house.

It took place in Grand Island, Nebraska

Lincon is the capitol of Nebraska. They have beef , milk, and corn in Nebraska. it is bordered by Wyoming and Iowa and Kansas and South Dakota.
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