william herschel

william herschels discovery

Scouring the heavens with his sister, Caroline,Sir William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus and several other moons.Around other gas giants.

searching the skies

On March 13,1781,herschel noticed a small object that ,over the course of several nights,was slowly moving across the sky . At first he thought he had just found a comet but with closer observation he had noticed he had just found a planet. William asked for the planet to be named 'Geogium Sidus' after king George 111, but it was eventually named Uranus after the Greek God of the Sky.

herschels reward

As a result of his discovery , Monarch knighted Herschel and appointed him to the position of court astronomer.

When Herschel died

Herschel died in England on August. 25 1822 at the age of 84 . Craters on the Mars, Moon and Mimas are named for the astronomer.