How to be President

Requirements to be President (according to the Constitution)

1. Must be at least 35 years old

2. Been a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years

3. Must be a "natural born" citizen

Benefits of being the Prez

-Salary of the President is $400,000 a year

-As President, you join the "President's Club", which is the most elite club in the U.S.

-You get unlimited staff to help you

-You get your own private plane with Air-Force One

-Bodyguards everywhere

-The President gets huge health benefits

Powers of the President

Executive Powers

  • Gets to call executive orders - these are rules and regulations the president gets to call and are the building blocks of law enforcement
  • Responsible for controlling the nations budget - makes sure that funds are going to the right places and that people are getting paid
  • Power to control the US Military and Army - can call in troops to defend the nation when necessary

Diplomatic Powers

  • Has the power to create treaties with other nations - enables a deal between the US and foreign nations
  • Can veto a bill - meaning the president can cancel the bill from becoming law if unapproved
  • Can appoint ambassadors - can choose who will take each place in congress

Judicial Powers

  • Has power to appoint new supreme justices to the supreme court - these justices are carefully picked by only the president as they serve for life
  • Can issue a pardon for a crime done by an official - known as clemency, the president can pardon a staff member of a crime as long as the person can confirm that a crime did happen

Skills of a President

1. Must be a trusting person to congress and the public. How can we depend on our nation's leader if he/she isn't trustworthy? Having a trusting president will put nerves at ease and the nation safe

2. Is experienced enough to do the job. We all want a President who knows what they're doing. Having an experienced leader will be able to solve problems and prevent many from arising.

3. Can motivate the public. The president is able to inspire the people with great speeches and encourage them to make a difference.

4. Is unique. Having a new President with a fresh personality is usually favorable. As long as he/she is well liked, they will be able to interact with the public better.

5. Can create good solutions to issues. What everyone needs is a president who knows the right solution to a problem. If their solution works well enough, they will be less problems to deal with instead of fixing a mistake that made an issue worse.

Roles of the President

Party Leader

  • The job where the President helps appoint people into congress. The President can hold campaigns to win support.
  • President chooses new members for the cabinet

Commander in Chief

  • Controls the US armed forces.
  • Can dispatch troops to defend a foreign country or our own

Chief Executive

  • Has the power to enforce laws onto the US
  • Can either pass a bill or veto it

Chief of State

  • President's job is to represent his country by being at public events
  • The President can go to fairs, campaigns, and sports games

Chief Diplomat

  • Main job is to interact with the leaders of other nations
  • Can make agreements, treaties, and even alliances with foreign countries

Chief Legislator

  • Has the power to voice his/her own opinion about policies and laws
  • Can meet with congress to discuss policies

Being the President

A current issue we are faced with in the United States is secure gun control. Shootings are becoming more and more common in the US because of the weak gun control we currently have. Most shootings that happened were used with illegally purchased guns (since 2012). Although the purchase of gun may be more secure, the number of gun-related incidents keep rising.

How to fix it?

As President, I would use my power to pass new laws to control the illegal use of guns. Of course, I would need advice from my cabinet and the rest of congress to create a law that will secure the nation from unwanted gun violence. As Chief of State, I would travel to the states and inform the public more about this growing issue in person. Then I would listen to their opinion on gun violence to help create a law.