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All Things Google Edition MS/US

Google in Education

Google is a great way to share and collaborate with students and peers. All of your information is stored on the cloud so you can work from anywhere on most devices. This newsletter is dedicated to all things Google and covers some of the top questions we receive here in the library. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us.
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Chrome Books are Here!

We recently added five shiny new Chromebooks to our fleet of laptops. Stop in and give one a try! They are available for student and faculty use. Can also be reserved for class use along with Macs.

Sharing Folders in Google

Why share a folder? Cut down on email! Provide your students with all the documents they need for an assignment. Students can also create folders to share with you and submit all their assignments in one place. With Google Drive you can share files without having to email them as attachments.

To do this: Right click on the folder you want to share- Click Share from options given- A Sharing Settings box will open- Go to the bottom and insert emails- Select permission (can edit, can view)- Send. Your folder is shared! When you insert documents into that folder there is no need to email students. They will automatically be able to view what is in the folder.

Not sure what to do? Stop by or email us in the library!

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Other Things You Can Do in Google Drive

Here are some ideas on how to use Google Drive in the classroom:



  • Student sign up
  • Collect and share data


  • Pre-assessment
  • Survey Students
  • Student or teacher observation
  • Create a test (Can create a formula to automatically grade)
  • Project (URL) dropbox
  • Comment and/or answer questions on a video or picture

Give it a try and if you need assistance with anything, please let us know! If you have discovered a cool way to use Google in your classroom, we would love to hear about it.