Ancient Chinese Attire

M Ciapponi

Who Wore What

In China different people wore different things. Emperors were the only ones that could where yellow. The schooler wore long robes and curled shoes. People on the wealthier side wore expensive silk robes. Farmers and Peasants wore inexpensive cloths, such as long shirts made of hemp. Hemp is plant fiber woven into cloths. Men often wore hats.

About Robes

Robes where very popular in China, and they still are. The Chinese layered their robes. During the warmer weather they wore less layers but the layers where thin. When it was cooler weather they wore padding in-between the cloth in the robes. The top layer was always the most beautiful. Robes tied around the waist.
chinese clothing

Foot Binding

Foot Binding was attempted many times. They practiced for 1,000 years before they got it right. Court maidens started foot binding then soon upper class began to bind. The purpose of foot binding was to make women feet look smaller and more arched. Long painful process. What they did was break the bone and let it heal in a three inch arch shape.