Piney Woods Deluxe Resort

Natalie Cox | 4th period | 12-09-14

Piney Woods Deluxe Resort state parks

A very popular state park is Schlitterbahn! Schlitterbahn is a water park with so many varieties of rides. Hang out in the lazy river and chill all day. or maybe your more of a dare devil and feel like taking on some waves at the boogie bahn! either way there's something for you and your family to do. If water parks aren't your thing, maybe you can try the Huntsville state park! Rent a canoe, ride a horse, have a family camp night, go geocacheing, fish for a variety of fish,bike, hike, or even swim in the designated area.

Location of The Piney Woods

The piney woods are located in the upper east part of Texas. Also some parts of Louisiana!

Some Area's in The Piney Woods

A fun Family Vacation For Everyone

Animals In The PIney Woods

Woodpeckers, Cottonmouths, Eastern cottontail rabbits, squirrels, and even opossums are just a few animals living in the Piney Woods Ecoregion.

historical backround on the Piney Woods!

In the Piney Woods is the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches.

In the Piney Woods you can see many animals and many other great things to sightsee.