Staff Stuff

September 6

Odds and Ends

  • The printers at the desk may (hopefully) be ready to go now. Some students are still having some issues with the print drivers, so continue to get them to delete the old drivers and make sure that the new ones are installed. Overall, this has actually gone a bit smoother than I had anticipated. Thanks to all of you who have been making that happen!!
  • It is not your imagination: Beth has been teaching a lot! The first two weeks, about 20 classes of library instruction. This week at least 3 or four classes per day. She has even called upon Sue and Paula to help spread the word. This is great news! Except, perhaps, for Beth's voice and sanity.
  • In order for better record keeping and clarity, please do not make change back and forth between the Circulation Desk and the Cafe. These are two completely different pots of money, and should not mingle. When one drawer is over or under the expected amount, it will be much easier to track. Thanks for helping with this.
  • Always remember that communication is a key component of keeping our team informed.
  • One last thing. When I met with Boyd this week, he said that he had spent some time in a few other ACA Libraries in his travel as Dean. Although he has always been a fan of ours, he is gaining an even more profound appreciation for us and what we do here! I think that many people believe that all libraries and staffs are as awesome as we are. But we know better -- and the more Boyd travels the better! :-)