All About Me

By: Sarah Nowakowski

I like to play kickball.

I normally play kickball at gym. When I am off from school I go to work with my mom. Before she got a new job she would coach the kickball. Of course I would join in too! I was the best one there. I think I was the only one who did not get out once. Or maybe one time I'm not that sure though.

I love to write.

Even though i might have no homework I'll still write. I'll write if I'm bored or even for fun. For example I'll write scrips for YouTube videos. I've made stories that have been almost two full notebooks before.

I love to eat and cook food.

I've been to many cooking camps and have made dinner for my family. But my favorite food would have to be a tie. It's between pizza and cream chipped beef.

I am funny!

Normally I'm the one who makes all the jokes. Too much when we laugh it hurts! That's how I make people who are depressed or just feeling blue happy. So whenever your upset come to me. I'll make you feel much more happy!

I love to go to the beach.

I don't go to the beach a lot. So it's really fun at least going one time during the summer. But, if I can't go to the beach I'll use my own pool. So I will have my friends over.