Intro to Genetics

Daniel Kahill


-Genotype - Gene combination (at least two letters TT, Tt, tt)

Ex. TT, Tt, tt
-Phenotype - physical appearance (tall, short. round, red)

Ex. tall short, round, red
-Dominant - the allele that masks or hides the recessive allele (uppercase letter)

Ex. Homozygous Dominant, GG

Homozygous Dominant YY
-Recessive - the allele that is masked by the dominant allele (lowercase letter)

Ex. Homozygous Recessive gg

Homozygous Recessive yy
-Heterozygous - the two alleles (genes) for a trait are different (Tt)

Ex. Gg, Yy
-Homozygous - the two alleles (genes) for a trait are the same (TT, tt)

Ex. GG, gg, YY, yy

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How can someone predict the traits of offspring?

-By knowing the genotype of the parents and then using a punnet square to figure out the possibilities of what genotype the offspring could have

Why is it important to study the principles of inheritance (how traits are passed on to offspring)?

-In humans its good to know if you'll pass on a disease or disorder, in plants its good to know which fruit has more juice and less seeds, and not wasting money on fruit that has more seeds and less juice.