Believe the HYPE

Hernandez Hype News and Updates

Halloween Game

Last nights game was a huge success! We took ten girls who showed everyone what the HYPE was about! They were LOUD AND PROUD! They did an excellent job of showing school spirit and supporting our Volleyball Team.

The girls were able to make 60 CANDY BAGS using all of the things you donated. We were able to provide not only a "treat" for the 8th grade team but also for the 7th grade team to take with them to their away game at Hopewell Middle School! That's AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who donated candy, bags, supplies, etc.

Special shout out to Ce'yana who celebrated her birthday and Halloween at the Volleyball game with the HYPE!


If you have taken any pictures during HYPE events I would LOVE to have copies. Please email me any pictures to the email listed below!


Progress Reports and Tutorials

Progress reports went home yesterday and today. Please check your HYPE members grades. If they are scoring below a 70% in any class they will be ineligible to participate in HYPE games until they reach satisfactory in those classes.

Please encourage your HYPE member to attend tutorials on days that we ARE NOT practicing. I'm having a lot of girls missing practice to go to tutorials. If there is no other time for tutorials then this is fine. However, they should be making every effort to attend tutorials in the morning or on the three remaining days of the week.


Mondays Practice Canceled!

Monday, Nov. 4th, 3:30pm

1901 Sunrise Road

Round Rock, TX

Due to the Carnival for Spanish I will be canceling practice for that day. I want all of our students to be able to participate in that event!

Game Day- Football

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 3:30-8pm

1901 Sunrise Road

Round Rock, TX

All girls should be dressed in their game day uniform for school! Please wear your "DKC" shirt.