Animation Schools and Detailing

What are the best animating schools, and how do you detail?

The best schools for Animation and Design.

The Animation Workshop

The animation workshop is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation (and related) professions and businesses, such as drawing, painting, etc.

How does animation work?

Say that a movie opens with a sweeping aerial shot of an alien world.

As the camera swoops downward from the clouds, a vast city emerges.

We know that none of this is real, but we still believe. That's the magic of modern film making. Using powerful computers, animators and digital effects artist at companies like Industrial light & magic can construct fictional worlds and virtual characters that are so lifelike, so convincingly real, that the audience suspends its disbelief and enjoys the show.

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CGI Animation Tech Demo HD: "Snappers Facial Rig" - by Snappers Mocaps