The French Times

November 1793

Abolishment of Monarchy

Sept. 21st, 1972- The Legislative Assembly votes to abolish monarchy and establish the First Republic. Royalist deserted the French Army. King Louis XVI approved new constitution that stripped him of power. The Royalists wanted to restore the kings power. The outbreak of violence with shortage of food and some economic crisis lead to the French Revolution. Some people declared France a republic. Jacobins destroyed all traces of old order. On August 10th, the Parisians stormed the Tuileries and slaughtered the kings guards, which led the royal family to flee to Legislative Assembly.

King and Queen beheaded

January- King Louis XIV went on trial as a traitor of France. He was convicted with a single vote. He was sentenced to death and on January 21st, he was beheaded. He was led to the scaffold by a priest named Henry Essex Edward de Firmont. He had a public death in Paris after a two hour carriage ride. In October, Queen Marie Antoinette was executed. Her death was celebrated by the people of France.

New Committee is Created

August- Members of the national convention created a new 12 member committee called the Committee of Public Safety. Their overall goal is to prepare France for an all out war. The Group says that all unmarried men will serve in battle, married men will prepare weapons and supplies while women will make tents and clothing, cook, and serve in the hospitals. This group was created in order to save the revolution in France.

Women's Rights

The women are feeling very disappointed for not gaining rights in the first declaration. Olympe de Gouges, a journalist, wrote about wanting equal rights for women. She demanded that all women have rights, such as equality in office positions and public offices. They shortly gained their rights for a minimal time when the government made divorces easier. The divorces were aimed at lowering the church’s powers, yet the woman are hoping to be able to inherit land from family. The women believe that they are born free, yet they still face many challenges for equal rights.

Change in Daily Life

The 10 year French Revolution has dramatically changed France. There are new symbols such as the "Liberty Caps". There has been both liberty and equality of all male citizens and that is applied to all social classes. Everyone has shown revolutionary spirit, parents have been naming their kids like: Constitutional, Republic, or August 10th. A strong feeling of pride and devotion to ones country sped throughout France, they are having festivals celebrating the nation and it's revolution. Many songs have been a tribute to this revolution but La Marseillaise has recently became our National French song.