Stages of the Government

By Emma Slaubaugh

Primitive Communism (stage 1)

Primitive Communism is a hunter gatherer society. This is were people would be in large groups and hunt together. Usually the oldest or best hunter was in charge. Food was hunted and collected every day.

Society began to form. They found out how to grow plants which is agriculture. They started domesticating animals like horses to take them places. They also started making their own private property. This lead to the slave society.

Slave Society (stage 2)

This is when people were divided into classes. There were now slaves. The slaves would be owned by higher class people. The slaves would work for food and shelter provided by the owner.

The problems with this stage is they would start running out of slaves. Now they have to raid other empires to get more slaves. if they do not keep attacking other empires they will run out of slaves. The only problem with this is if they attack to many empires it will be to much for the government and eventually run apart.

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Feudalism (stage 3)

This was a social system in the middle ages in Europe. People worked for the noble. In return they got land and protection.

Problems started to form in this stage. All goods were starting to increase. It created a class called the merchants. Merchants did not fit in this system. As they began to increase most of their profits, nobles would challenge the lords with wealth. Originally all of the production was owned by the nobles. This formed into the next stage.

Peasants- Lowest and poorest class

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Capitalism (stage 4)

Capitalism is always focused on the profit for the employer. It is not worried about the employee. The employees did not think this was fair so it started fighting in the working class. The employees were only getting paid a small amount for their work. The employees finally had enough and started to rise up and take over the factories. This created socialism.
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Socialism (stage 5)

This stage was a way of organizing a society. The government owned companies instead of individual people. This stage was a practice of communism. If this stage works it it will leave behind capitalism.
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Communism (stage 6)

This stage had no government. Everyone worked for everyone. They also got to pick there job. There was no money either. Everything that you needed was provided for you. However this stage has never been done before.
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