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Week of April 9, 2018


Writing Tips for Parents of Elementary School Children

There is always a need for writing tips for parents of elementary school children. Nowadays, elementary schools students come home with an array of writing assignments and who else is better to turn to than their parents for help with these arduous assignments. Parents are the quintessential human library for their kids. They are the teacher, tutor, and parent all wrapped up in one. In order to better help their children with their homework, they may need to review a few writing tips.

Develop Writing Skills at Home

It is important for parents to help develop the writing skills of their child by setting up a daily or weekly writing regime which will inspire their children to want to write. Motivation is essential. Parents need to understand what it means to write in order to better understand how to encourage their child to do it.

Writing exercises are essential. If you encourage phonetic writing at a young age you will be nurturing your child’s writing skills. It is not essential to keep a watchful eye on spelling at the early childhood level. The aim is to get the child to write either letters or stories, just so they can get into the habit of writing and that they will not dread writing as a skill in the long run.

Writing Builds Language

In that sense, you can even have weekly vocabulary games that you play with your child. There’s nothing to playing a word game over dinner or during bath time. The sky is the limit when it comes to learning.

There use to be a time in the lives of families where weekends were reserved for word games such as Scrabble, Jeopardy or Hangman. With the influx of technology and the takeover of the Wii game system, often times parents may find it challenging to maintain the attention of the children. Furthermore, if you encourage word games instead of video games you can be lengthening and strengthening the attention span of your child as much as ten-fold.

Encourage writing by purchasing fun pens and pencils that children may find interesting. Buy notebooks that fill the same purpose. After you have presented your child with a fun pen and notebook, have them write what you say while you are driving. This will help with bolstering your child’s dictation writing skills. In time you will notice that these little things will start to pay off.

More Writing Tips For Parents

Reading to your child is both a fundamental practice and something that he or she will look forward to. Reading stories to your child is a motivational force that could inspire them to want to do a bit of writing on their own.

Daily writing activities also provide motivation to use their writing skills. For example:

  • Have your child write the dinner menu daily. This will help boost their writing skills while bolstering their creativity.
  • Have your child write a daily dinner critique as an activity that will strengthen their writing skills.
  • Have your son or daughter prepare the grocery list prior to going to the market. You can either have them go around the kitchen and write what they think you need or you can dictate the grocery list to them. You would do this with brevity and in a drill form should you wish to dictate the list. This will strengthen their short-term memory as well as urge them to write quickly.
  • Letter writing is always a good idea. You can have your child write a letter to his or her grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. Have them write about what they are learning in school or what they plan to do on their next vacation from school.

Writing activities will definitely help with strengthening your child’s writing skills and will reflect as such when the teacher grades them.

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Parent Tip: Get set for standardized tests

Standardized tests are a part of most students' school careers. Ask the teacher when your child will be taking a standardized test. Then help her prepare by reading, talking and playing word games with her. When she reads, develop her comprehension by asking questions, such as "What was the main idea?" Above all, keep standardized tests in perspective. Remember, they are only one measure of your child's ability.

What's Ahead

  • April 10 : Dress Your Best for Success Day

  • April 10-13: Gr. 3-4 State Assessments
  • April 10: K-Kids Club Meeting, 3:45pm, Library
  • April 11: UPK Spring Concert, GES gym 6:30pm
  • April 11: PTO Meeting in Library @ 6:30pm
  • April 11: K-2 PTO Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser DEADLINE

  • April 13: Pridewear Day, wear Blue and Gold

  • April 16: BOE Meeting 6;30P.M. HS Auditorium

  • April 17: Parent Round Table 5:30pm MS Room 123R

  • April 17: Dean Oratoricals 7:00 p.m. HS Auditorium

  • April 18: Building Shared-Decision Making Committee (BSDM) library 7:30am

  • April 20: 1/2 Day for Students

  • April 20: 30-Wk. Report Cards Mailed Home

  • April 23-27: No School - Spring Break

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