APRIL, 2021


Nature is sprouting new growth and there's beauty all around us. We can rise up and shed our old skin, the skin of a pandemic that tried to limit us from doing the things we love. We can still do them, but we have a responsibility for ourselves and others to make sure we can all continue to enjoy them by following the guidelines that will keep everyone safe and well. Together we can make a difference. We have about four weeks to go before the summer break. There's lots to be done and not enough time. Let's do our best, focus on what we need to get done and look forward to a wonderful summer ahead.
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The goals are to use this learning opportunity for collaborative academic conversations and to provide professional learning to increase student engagement and success.


Based on our school's survey our Catapult Coaches have provided three areas of professional learning with topics that align educational best practices for professionals to explore. Taking into consideration how valuable and precious time is the videos are about 10 - 12 minutes long and cover a range of topics for EL, Special Education, and Technology and Blended learning. We hope you will check this out. Thank you Natalie and Shawna for helping to put this together. We appreciate you all.

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The WIDA ACCESS annual test results are expected to be available sometime in late May or early June. We will share this information with each grade level as soon as we have them.

A virtual meeting will be scheduled for the parents and a Webex or Google Meets link will be emailed to all.


To all the parents who sent their children so that we could administer the annual WIDA ACCESS English Proficiency Test that started in mid-January and ended in mid-March this year. Due to the pandemic they had to make an effort to bring their children. Some were on Distance Learning online only, but took a chance that your children would be safe in our care.

To Principal Garret who made sure that we were provided with the best possible environment for our students to test.

To all our teachers who kept to the schedule and helped to send their students on-time. It made it easy and stress free for everyone.

To our cafeteria team who provided the delicious meals at our door, on-time, every time.

To Tyler Bishop, who was there to make sure everything worked, who helped to diffuse any anxiety we may have, and repaired all the technology issues. Everything worked with hardly any hitches. You're the best, Tyler!

Last but not least, to my WIDA Team: Kelly Sutcliffe who worked hard to prepare the schedule and test most of our students; Jenn Ichinyama-Bangan who tested the Kindergarten students, Deborah Cheeseman who tested our ALT students, Song Mitchell and Margo Abdelsayed who helped with the proctoring. You all made this year's testing a great success!