Eternal Rest Funeral Home

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We help people plan funerals and services for loved ones that have passed away. Let us help you take care of the final planning and details so you can grieve and spend time with surviving loved ones.

Services We Offer:

Other Services We Offer:

Variety of caskets, outer burial container, cemetery space, crypt, headstones, flowers for funeral services for either at funeral home or church, provide rooms and materials for the cleansing, decorating, and clothing of body, can hire specialist for final cleansing of body, provide workers for burial.

How to Cope with Death of Loved One

This is a helpful website which will you help you with the process of grieving over the death of a loved one.

Checklist of Planning Your Own Funeral Services

This website provides a checklist of items to consider when planning for your funeral. Planning your funeral will help loved one take care of your final wishes.


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