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Little Nuggets of T&L Knowledge From Around The World

Issue 1

Found some gold? Then spread the wealth and we'll all be a little bit richer!

1) 5 Tips for better Student Self Assessment

An blog by Adam Simpson where he formalises the process of Student Self Assessment so he's delivering it in a less ad-hoc fashion.


Provided by Adam Simpson, Sabanci University (Istanbul)


2) Shakespeare in Numbers

Create even more enthusiasm for Shakespeare with this interesting graphical representation of his work.


Provided by Dara Ross, Brooklyn International High School (NYC)


3) Teachmeet TV

Can't get to other Teachmeets around the country?

This new website is designed to enable more teachers access to those teachmeet presentations by sharing their videos. This is set to be a one stop shop for anything Teachmeet.

You will see from looking at the site that there are only 61 videos at the moment, but this will soon grow. Besides 61 is enough to be getting on with!

You can also submit your email address and follow the site, They will then email you when any new videos are posted.


4) Why We've Got Differentiation Wrong

An interesting article on approaches to differentiation


Provided by Andy Warner, Kirbymoorside (UK)


5) Which IPad apps to use

A great visual guide to which apps to use depending on the task at hand.


Provided by Joe, N Town


6) How to ask good questions

Using Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide, this video uncovers questioning strategies for the classroom.
Asking Good Questions

7) You suck at Powerpoint

It's not the program that sucks its you!

5 shocking design mistakes you need to avoid


Provided by Jesse Desjardins, Sydney (NSW), Australia


8) Do you have permission to use that image?

With the growth of online tools being utilised and shared by teachers around the world there is an even greater need to ensurethat you have permisson to use your chosen images.

Check out this guide on how to find copyright free / creative common licensed images


Provided by Raelene Wilson, Melbourne, Australia


9) Unlocking the Power of Progress

Interesting read including really useful strategies for 'Unlocking the Power of Progress'


provided by Sarah Findlater, London


10) Behaviour Management: A Bill Rogers Top 10

Title says it all really - a very interesting read.


Provided by Tom Sherrington, London


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