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November 29, 2020

Thanksgiving break was certainly a blessing for many of us, giving us time with our family and time to rejuvenate! As we head into another week of remote learning, one of the district's instructional coaches put together a Power Point demonstrating how to navigate TEAMS using an IPAD. This was created based on feedback from teachers and families. A video was created showing how to navigate Power Point on an IPAD, but we are looking into a way to share it. Please reach out if there are other remote learning areas where more information would be helpful.

Below, you will also find the full calendar for December.

December School Calendar

Navigating TEAMS Using an IPAD

Influenza Vaccine Requirement for School Attendance: Preschool and Kindergarten through Grade 12

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has added a new influenza vaccine requirement for all children 6 months and older who are attending Massachusetts childcare, Preschool, students in all grades of school from Kindergarten through Grade 12, and students at colleges and universities. All students in Preschool and K-12 must receive the seasonal influenza vaccine annually by December 31. New students entering between January 1 and March 31 must have received a dose of vaccine for the current flu season before entry.

Influenza vaccine is always important to receive to reduce the risk of getting sick with influenza, reduce the severity of disease if one does get sick (including the risk of hospitalization) due to influenza, as well as preventing the spread of influenza to others. This requirement was put in place to reduce the overall impact of respiratory illness on the population, protect vulnerable populations from severe illness, and decrease the overall burden on the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students will be expected to have received a flu vaccine for the current influenza season by December 31, 2020, unless either a written medical or religious exemption letter is provided to the school nurse. The full Massachusetts DPH announcement, along with a link to other State mandated vaccinations can be found at:

Frequently Asked Questions (download):

The Flu: A Guide for Parents: La Gripe: Guia Para Padres:

Please contact the Woodland School Nurses, Deb Carellas and Jessica Harris, if you have any questions regarding this requirement, 413-569-6598.

Together We Can Conquer Anything!

This morning I shared this YouTube link with the staff. It is fitting to share with families as well. During these challenging times of remote learning, we will overcome many adversities as long as we are working together. Enjoy!

Lunch Date with Mrs. Abbe's Class

Last Tuesday I was invited to have lunch with Mrs. Abbe's class. The children enjoyed sharing what they were having for lunch and having conversation with each other. They were very respectful in taking turns talking and I have to say, they had some heathy lunches!
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