The Gray Bat

Myotis grisescens

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Places In NC Where Gray Bats Can Be Found

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Why Is It Endangered?

They are endangered because they have a habit of living together in large numbers in only a few caves, so they are very easy to disturb. When the few caves they do live in are blocked or messed with, a large number of them are then left without a place to live, thus killing them off. In addition, when they are disturbed while hibernating, the sudden interference in their cycle uses up a lot of energy, which prevents them from making it through the winter.

What Is Being Done

Many natural cave systems and other habitats that the surviving Gray Bats reside in are under Federal Protection to keep their habitats intact. They are also under a recovery plan, which means that there are groups working to restore their numbers and reintroduce the bats to their old habitats.