Distance Learning Update

Sunday, November 15

Minnesota Safe Learning Plan

District 196 is following the guidelines for learning models in the Minnesota Safe Learning Plan.

Message from the Principal- November 15

AVHS Faculty, Staff, Students, and Families,

I’ve never been great at sleeping during transitions. Like many of you, I found myself tossing and turning the last few nights with a million thoughts through my head as we transition to something “new”… again. I spent a lot of time thinking of where we started, the worries of not knowing how it will all look, and appreciation for what we’ve already accomplished.

Despite all of its imperfections, hybrid learning was an unprecedented success for the first 8 weeks. We got “to teach” again. Collaboration increased. We learned to use the language line. We took the challenge of smaller cohorts and turned it into stronger, more personalized relationships. We reimagined conferences. We helped kids become genuinely more independent. Office referrals plummeted. Relationships rose in purpose, meaning, and outcomes. We saw a very small number of positive COVID test results here at AVHS. However, over the past few weeks, we’ve seen those numbers rise through the state, county, and here at school.

I also believe we’ve been successful because of our team approach to this process. Everyone wanted to see it succeed and have done what they can to make it work for kids.

  • Our families did a great job of communicating and keeping kids home when they needed to.

  • Our teachers did an incredible job connecting with kids and engaging them when they are here, and providing what they need when they are not.

  • Our students are doing an equally impressive job of staying engaged, balancing obligations between school, work, and family commitments.

  • Bus drivers have responded to changes in routes and schedules to safely get our students to a school that has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and ready to go each day thanks to our custodial team.

  • Our school nurse worked the phones to ensure safety, transparency, and compassionate problem-solving to keep our community safe.

  • Our nutrition services team members have been feeding students and staff from breakfast through three distanced lunches while also preparing thousands of grab-and-go meal kits.

  • Our secretaries, clerical, and support staff are often the “first” face/voice and are doing their best to answer questions and respond with care and compassion to great questions that they sometimes don’t have the answers to.

The fact is, I don’t know a staff member, student, or parent/guardian who has not taken on more “other duties as assigned”. That’s what true partnership and teamwork looks like. It’s doing the little things that make the big difference. Helping others succeed is how we measure our success. Not just a slogan for a bumper sticker, it’s who we are. It’s what we mean when we say that learning and relationships look different at AVHS.

Case in point: We’ve had nearly thirty 11th and 12th grade AVHS Peer Mentors for the past few Wednesday afternoons helping 9th grade students who have struggled with the transition to high school. Last week, our Student Support staff members held a student gift card raffle before everyone departed. One of the 9th graders won. His Peer Mentor told him he thought he was going to win by how many work completion slips he was able to turn in. The 9th grader said, “I wouldn’t have gotten all the work done without you; you take the gift card.” The 12th grader didn’t take it, but said, “I’ll see you next week.” “Deal,” said the 9th grader. You can’t make this stuff up!

Thank you for how you have handled all of these transitions and for doing the best you can in the toughest of times. No matter how it went today, you showed up. A lot of life is just about showing up...especially when it’s tough. So whether you feel it went terrible, OK, great, or good enough, you should be proud of yourself and your work. Apple Valley High School is a special place and we need to recognize and acknowledge our work. I’m going to keep being really loud and proud of AVHS, I just wanted to make sure you heard it from me first!

I hope each of you has a great start to the first full week of distance learning. We have additional updates on end-of-trimester grading and other information on our AVHS Newsletter. Take care, be well, and Go Eagles!

Drew Mons


(952) 431-8788


What Does Distance Learning Look Like?

Big picture

Daily Schedule and Expectations

End of Trimester 1 Information

End of Trimester Grades

The last day of the first trimester is Friday, December 4th. There are no final exams for the first trimester. November 24th is the final day of new graded content to be assigned for students.

Teachers will post current grades in Campus by 3:30 pm on Monday, November 30th. Those grades will be:

  • Letter grades for students currently earning an A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-

  • A "P" for students who have earned credit for the course below the level of a C-

  • An "NG" for students who have not earned credit yet

From November 30th through December 4th:

  • These are student contact days and students should log in to Campus for attendance accordingly.

  • These days are intended for the completion of assignments, assessments, make-ups, etc. This may also include student conferencing, outreach, and interventions

  • No new graded learning targets will be presented during these days, but students may request enrichment materials.

  • Between November 30th and December 4th, students are encouraged to turn in revisions or missing work to improve their letter grade.

The window to change letter grade to ‘pass’ is November 30th – December 8th.

  • A parent may request via written communication or phone call/message that a letter grade be changed to a “Pass" in any and all classes

  • Once received, teachers will go into Campus and adjust accordingly (Grading Window will remain open)

  • December 8th by 3 pm is the final day for students to turn in missing work to earn a “Pass”.

Who Do I Go To For Help?

In advisory this week, students learned about important technology tips and digital learning expectations. This includes making sure student iPads are updated. The slide deck for these advisory sessions can be found here.

Seven-Day Meal Kits Available During Distance Learning

Beginning Nov. 9, all students are eligible for free seven-day meal kits to support their distance learning. To best meet the needs of our families, meal kits will be available for pick up near the middle or high schools’ entrance doors at these times:

· Monday 4:00pm- 5:30pm

· Tuesday 7:30am- 9:00am

· Wednesday 10:00am- 11:00am (Digital Academy Meals will continue)

· Thursday 7:30am- 9:00am

· Friday 7:30am- 9:00am

Look for the banner and sign for the distribution location. Families with children in multiple schools are encouraged to pick-up all seven-day meal kits at one school.

Initially, families will be asked to complete this Seven-Day Meal Kit Interest Survey. This will allow the Food and Nutrition Services department to prepare the number of meal kits needed. The survey only needs to be completed once.

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has authorized funding for schools to provide meals at no charge to children, 18 and younger, for the entire school year. All secondary families are encouraged to participate in this opportunity. Any child 18 and younger, or parent/guardian of a child is able pick up these seven-day meal kits. For contactless distribution, the seven-day meal kit boxes will be placed on a 6-foot table with a bag of milk on the side. Families will be able to take as many boxes as needed for their children. Food and Nutrition Staff will monitor and replenish the table as needed.

What Does an AVHS Distance Learning Lesson Look Like?

We are designing a distance learning class that:

  • Establishes a strong connection and rapport
  • Has support
  • Gets kids excited about learning and productive struggle
  • Looks different from class to class

Zoom Class Expectations

  • Classes are scheduled from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Be prepared and on time.

  • Attend all Zoom class sessions.

  • If you are using a hotspot, put it near a window for the best service.

  • Zoom from a location that is quiet and allows you to focus on learning.

  • Use your full name/device name as your Zoom screen name (this is the default - do not change)

  • Students are expected to have cameras on and microphones muted (unless they are speaking).

    • WHY? We strengthen classroom community when we see each other’s faces.

    • If there are reasons you may not be able to have your camera on, please connect with your teacher directly.

  • Virtual backgrounds are okay if you’d prefer. Make sure they are school appropriate, neutral, and non-distracting.

Distance Learning Q & A's

On Tuesday, November 10th, the AVHS Administrative Team offered two Distance Learning Zoom calls to provide additional details at 8:00am and 7pm.

If you have questions that you would like to submit, CLICK HERE. We will use this form to provide more information for common questions.

Message from the Principal- Nov. 5th

AVHS Families,

The District 196 School Board has determined that Apple Valley High School will shift to a distance-learning model beginning on Thursday, November 12.

November 9 and 10 are no longer student contact days - students do not need to log in to Campus for attendance.

Wednesday, November 11 is a Student Intervention/Enrichment Day - students DO need to log in to Campus for attendance this day!

The AVHS community has worked hard to make hybrid learning safe and successful by exercising thoughtful decision-making and open communication. We remain committed to meeting both the educational and social-emotional needs of our students in distance learning and share a common goal of returning to our hybrid model as soon as possible. Take care, be well, and Go Eagles!

Drew Mons, Principal

School Picture Information

Lifetouch picture packets for students who took pictures at AVHS are now available for all students (regardless of learning cohort). Pictures can be picked up by coming to the main entrance security desk this week between 8 am and 3 pm and asking for the student's pictures.

Picture retakes are still scheduled for November 18 and are by appointment only. Click the button below to sign up for a picture retake time.

Students in all grades (for this year) are able to submit their own yearbook photo. Please use the following guidelines to submit a yearbook photo. The deadline for self-submissions is Wednesday, November 25 for students in grades 9 - 11, and Tuesday, December 1 for students in grade 12.

Please note that all submissions must:

  • Be vertically oriented
  • Should be a "head and shoulders" photo
  • Should not have any props (athletic equipment, instruments, etc.)
  • Should not use any Snap-style filters or digital additions
  • Be taken in front of a neutral/single color background (Senior pictures do not need to be neutral/single color)
  • Must be a high-resolution JPG or PNG file

AVHS and the yearbook staff reserve the right to crop/omit photos as necessary to ensure they meet our publication standards.

Text Message Updates

Texts are delivered via SchoolMessenger, the mass notification service the district uses for phone calls and email messages. Parents must opt-in to receive text messages. Standard message and data rates may apply.


  • Text Y to 67587, you will receive a confirmation message stating you are registered to receive SchoolMessenger notifications via text.
  • For help information, text HELP to 67587.

  • To opt-out at any time, text STOP to 67587.

*Only SMS numbers listed as Guardians in the Infinite Campus student information system can receive texts.

**If you do not receive a confirmation message of what appears to be an error message, it most likely means that short code texting is not enabled on your wireless plan.