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Google Sheet Add-Ons to make your life easier!

One of the most powerful tools within Google Drive is the ability to install add-ons to completely customize it to your preference or subject area. Although Docs has its own bank of add-ons, Sheets has a few that simplify the way we (teachers) do things. Below are a few of my favorite add-ons for Google Sheets that aren't only easy to use, but simplify my teaching life!


If you've ever needed to grade a multiple choice quiz and spent time memorizing a few answers in a row, then referenced the key again to get the next set, you know how agonizing and time-consuming it can be! This is why Flubaroo comes in as easily the top add-on for Sheets, in my opinion. Flubaroo is an automatic grading add-on that partners with Google Forms. Once you've created your quiz in Forms, take it as a student would, which transfers your answers to the Sheet. Then, once all of your students have taken the quiz, run the Flubaroo extension and select your "row" to use as the answer key. Voila! With just a few mouse clicks, all of the responses are graded! However, Flubaroo also has an "autograde" option that alerts students of their scores once they finish, and will also e-mail the students their scores once they've submitted.


Creating certificates or invitation letters in large quantities can be time consuming and tedious process. However, Autocrat takes the time out of the creation process. Simply open a Google Sheet and label each column with what "fields" will be filled in on your certificate or letter. Then, fill in the columns accordingly with the information needed. Once finished, create the certificate or letter using a simple format, such as <<First Name>><<Last Name>> in the desired location for those "fields." Autocrat then merges these two pieces and duplicates the certificate to create an entire bank of certificates or letters with just a minor amount of elbow grease and a few mouse clicks.

Split Names to Simplify Mail Merge

Sometimes a spreadsheet will place a student's first and last name in the same column. If you'd like to separate them out to create a mail merge, or simply for easier viewing purposes, run the Split Names add on and it will be done in seconds. With each column highlighted, jump up to the "add-ons" button and run Split Names, telling the add-on how you'd like them to be split (i.e. First Name, Last Name), and it's completed for you!

Doctopus + Goobric

These two add-ons work hand in hand to simplify the grading process for essays and other assignments in Google Classroom. In general terms, Doctopus creates a spreadsheet with a student assigned each row and offers a link to their individual document. This allows for teachers to view their progress without having them add their work to the assignment in Classroom. Additionally, Goobric is an interactive Google Rubric (created by the teacher) that appears at the top of the screen while the student work appears at the bottom. Instead of two separate piles of paper on your desk, run the Goobric add-on and save time and paper! If you'd like more information on the setup, installation, or general use of these two add-ons, please contact me!

Just a Sampling....

Of course, these are a sampling of a few of my favorite add-ons. If you have other "E-fficient" add-ons that you're using in the classroom, send 'em along! I'd love to hear about them!

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