Samantha Riley's Birthday Party

Join me for my Doctor Who themed celebration!

You are invited to my party! Everything will be Doctor Who themed! We will have Doctor Who Food, Doctor Who games, and Doctor attire. Food will be available at all times during the party.

Samantha Riley's Birthday Party!

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 at 5-11pm

1930 Whisperwood Trail

Danville, IN

Come dressed in your favorite Doctor Who cosplay!

Activities for the Night

  1. Doctor Who episodes will be played. They will be chosen by votes.
  2. Pin the Plunger on the Dalek Game!
  3. Eat ALL the cake!
  4. Doctor Who Trivia Challenge! Who knows the most about Doctor Who? Everyone will be participating in a battle of the minds, until only one Whovian remains.
  5. Wibbly-Wobbly Pingy-Pongy battle.
  6. Red Light! Green Light! Weeping Angel Edition.
  7. To wrap up the night, costume awards will be given out.
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