Serving a Meal

BY: Remington Wilxox

Types of Meal Service

There are 2 types of meal service. One's family style which is when the food is placed on the table and you help yourself. Plate service is where the food is already placed on your plate and is brought to the table.

Setting the Table

When setting the table there are 3 main parts. 1 Put a tablecloth or placements on the table. 2 Decide what tableware will be needed for each person to eat the meal. 3 Arrange the items in each place setting.

Basic Table Manners

When eating follow these simple table manners. Place your napkin in your lap. If you are in a small group make sure everyone has their food before eating. In a large group you may start eating as soon as you get your food. Don't talk with food in your mouth. Ask someone to pass the food rather than reaching across the table

Clearing the Table

When everyone's finished eating, its time to clear the table. Stand to the side of each person as you pick up the dishes from the place setting. Then carry the dishes to the cleanup area. do not scrape or stack the dishes on the table

Safety Rules

There are lots of important safety rules to follow. A good rule to follow is if you break glass pick up the big pieces with your hands and then use a damp paper towel. Another good rule to follow is if you spill something pick it up immediately.

Sanitation Rules

Always wash your hands before and after handling food. Tie your hair back in a ponytail when cooking. Never cut food on a cutting board that was used for meat without washing it.