5th Grade Newsletter

Monday, February 17th

Mrs. Cook

Language Arts/Social Studies Block 1 & 2:  We are continuing the novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, to work on inferencing and referring to the text when answering questions.  We are also studying the 3 branches of government in our Social Studies Weekly.
*Reminder- you can order books online for your child anytime at www.scholastic.com/readingclub.  This helps earn free books for our classroom!  I will submit the order on the last day of the month.  To order use our Class Activation code: MCQ9Z  
Science:  We are studying multicelled organisms and how they survive.  Key vocab: cell, multicellular, tissue

Ms. Price

Block 1 and 2 Math: Focus is on fractions from Unit 5: subtracting like fractions and mixed numbers, building fractions from unit fractions, and identify how many more it will take to make one whole.
**Math Note:  Accelerated Math is part of their homework every night.  Therefore, something should be scanned every day. 
Science: We will be studying solids, liquids, and gases.  We will explore how matter has the ability to exist in several different states (solids, liquids, gases).

Mr. Ross

Language Arts and Social Studies We are continuing our unit on the U.S. Constitution and how it established our current government. In reading, we are continuing our focus on the different types of sentences.
ScienceWe are continuing our unit on single- and multi-cellular organisms by examining and comparing the structures of plant and animal cells.

Mrs. Rotenberry

Math: Begin Unit 5: Addition and Subtraction of fractions.  Skilll focus:  build other fractions from unit fractions, and add fractions. Accelerate Math goal date 2/6-2/13.
Science:  We are continuing our Forces and Motion unit.  Our skill focus this week is: Describing motion- explain that an object in motion stays in motion, calculate speed from a formula, explain how mass affects speed.

Reminders to Students

*Remember to complete homework each night.
*Planners need to be filled out and signed daily.

Reminders to Parents

*Please sign planner nightly. Please sign your full name (no initials) and use a pen.
*Be sure to check your childs planner today and every Friday for a conduct grade for the week.  Please sign and address any concerns with your child.  Teachers will be checking for a parent signature on Monday.
**Please note:  This "S", "N", or "U" weekly conduct grade not only reflects BEHAVIOR, but WORK ETHIC as well.
*Tardies and Early Dismissals can affect Success Celebrations* Success Celebration Criteria: -Students cannot have an N or U in conduct in any class. -Students cannot have any office or bus referrals. -Students cannot have any unexcused absences. -Students cannot have more than 3 tardies to school. -Students cannot have more than 3 early dismissals from school.

Blackburn Math & Reading Family Night

Tuesday, March 4th, 5:45pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Jacobs Fork, NC, United States

Jacobs Fork, NC

*Info sent home today on pink paper!*

Field Trip - Glenn Hilton Park

Wednesday, April 2nd, 8am

2000 6th Street Northwest

Hickory, NC