3 very useful tools

For teachers and learners: to create content and publish

1. smore.com

Create interactive, linear style flyers like this; embed links, videos, add images, text, links to any URL codes, google forms etc

Students: journey your learning, add self-reflection, google doc links, videos etc; easy to catch up with work if absent (my Yr8 students are currently working on a Frankenstein flyer)

Teachers: great way of sharing resources, setting tasks, adding quizzes etc; easy to share cover work (I have planned and shared the lesson material and the to do tasks for the Yr10 Careers Day with all teachers and students)

Check in flyer settings for all the sharing and comments options available

You can only make 5 for free; another similar tool is tackk (also free and no limitations)

A tutorial to help you to create your first s'more


2. Canva.com

Canva is an app and can also be used online. Super easy to use! Great final results!

Easy to use graphic interface; follow templates or create from scratch; create and share on your s'more flyer.

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Canva, Web and Print Graphic SuperStar!

3. Adobe Voice App

Record your voice and add images / icons to tell a story. Can be used for flipped learning.
Screen Recording